Airfield application in Scala

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Last summer I went to a Scala course at my University. There was this exercise to implement a travelling-salesman-like application with all the airfields of Finland. The idea was to input a list of airfields to the program as a file and then count the shortest route between those airfields without visiting the same airfield twice in a row.

I just decided to open-source it under MIT License. The project is hosted at Google Code and the direct download link is here.

As a learning experience it was my first step into functional programming and trying to create an example of a nice and clean open-source project. Feel free to comment and make suggestions how to make it more functional. As said it was my first case with functional and being used to OOP it was difficult to see situations where functional would be more effective. I'd be extremely glad to hear your comments!

Documentation and usage instructions are in the project's wiki.